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Use USAarchitecture.com to help sell your service.

Buyers browsing our listings are ready to buy or move and are in need of many services. You can target buyers by Region as they search for homes. When you buy a link within a specific Region, your sponsored link will show each time a user views a property within that Region. We define Regions/Metro Areas as areas that may encompass several cities, many zip codes and have homes listed for sale. You can purchase links in one or more Regions.


What We Offer

Unique Architecture: Contemporary, Urban or Post War Modernist. USAarchitecture.com features only the best and most unique examples of all architectural styles. Your listing will be in good company.

Intelligent Search: Our intelligent search lets users see all available listings by location, price, architectural style or architect. It’s a new and progressive way to search for available architecture anywhere in the country.

Pre-Screened Listings, Portfolios and Sponsored Links: Each Listing, Portfolio and Sponsored Link must meet our criteria for inclusion on USAarchitecture.com. Just the best and brightest from the architecture and design communities.

MyHome Email Service: Registered users can setup automated listing searches. They can be run daily, weekly or monthly and will notify the user of any listings that match the search criteria. All free of charge. This will help us build a devout and targeted user base that visits the site regularly and is ready to buy.

Activity Reports: You can schedule automated Activity Reports that detail all activity on your Listings, Portfolios and Sponsored Links.